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A mysterious criminal steals a secret state-of-the-art time machine, intent on destroying America as we know it by changing the past. Our only hope is an unexpected team: a scientist, a soldier and a history professor, who must use the machine's prototype to travel back in time to critical events. While they must make every effort not to affect the past themselves, they must also stay one step ahead of this dangerous fugitive. But can this handpicked team uncover the mystery behind it all and end his destruction before it's too late?

Show Keywords: time travel, time machine, history

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Flynn and his team travel to July 20, 1969 to infiltrate the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston to disrupt the Apollo 11 mission. Shortly after entering the timeline, Rufus confronts Anthony over his involvement in the 1754 stranding, but Anthony escapes when Mission Control loses communication with Apollo 11. Rufus discovers through a local computer that Anthony has inserted a DoS attack into the center's mainframe. As 1960s technology is unable to counter the virus, Rufus and Lucy get help from mathematician Katherine Johnson, who gets them into the mainframe. Right while they are deleting the virus, they are confronted by Anthony and one of Flynn's henchmen. Rufus kills the henchman before Anthony once again runs away while communication with Apollo 11 is restored by Rufus and Katherine's computer fix. Meanwhile, Flynn meets Lockman Aerospace secretary Maria Thompkins and her son Gabriel at a park before disappearing when he spots Wyatt nearby. Wyatt explains to Maria that Flynn is a Russian spy, but Flynn sneaks into her home and injects Gabriel with a shot of epinephrine to counter a anaphylactic shock before getting away from Wyatt. Back in the present day, the team discovers through a secret file that Maria was Flynn's mother and Gabriel was his half-brother. Lucy is upset that Flynn managed to save his half-brother's life in the past while her sister remains lost in the timeline. At the same time, Rufus is unsure of himself after feeling no remorse for killing one of Flynn's henchmen

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After one member's fired from the team, Flynn returns to a pivotal event in the war over Texas-the Battle of the Alamo. Our team finds themselves stranded inside the famous fort, surrounded by Mexican soldiers, knowing that everyone inside is fated to die. Now, with no hope of rescue and facing insurmountable odds, the trio of heroes learns the meaning of trust and sacrifice from people prepared to die for those around them.

Watch Timeless season 1 episode 4 (S01E04)

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Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus are shocked when they're told the mothership has landed in Nazi Germany, but time is short, and they're the only ones equipped to kill Flynn and end his psychotic crusade. Now, in hot pursuit of a genius with sinister associations, the team weighs the consequences of Flynn's destruction, meets the man behind one of literature's most popular figures, and endures a very uncomfortable... party.

Watch Timeless season 1 episode 3 (S01E03)

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After landing in 1962 Las Vegas, Flynn has the team on the run with the era's most infamous mistress. During the restless, neon-lit night, Rufus meets his old mentor Anthony Bruhl, whose motives may be darker than anyone suspected. Meanwhile, Lucy's personal life is falling apart, Wyatt attempts to change history for himself, and we discover Flynn intends to gamble with far more human life than we realized.

Watch Timeless season 1 episode 2 (S01E02)

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Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus chase terrorist Garcia Flynn to the night of Lincoln's assassination, where they're horrified to learn that Flynn's linked up with history's most notorious assassin, John Wilkes Booth. Putting aside a tragedy of her own, Lucy speculates that Flynn intends to send the fragile nation into chaos by making a bad thing worse, and a debate rages among the team: should they alter history if it means changing it for the better?

Watch Timeless season 1 episode 1 (S01E01)

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When one of the world’s most dangerous fugitives steals a state-of-the-art time machine, the U.S. government asks a history professor, Lucy Preston, a soldier, Wyatt Logan, and a scientist, Rufus Carlin, to embark on the adventure of a lifetime and chase the criminal mastermind, Garcia Flynn, to the Hindenburg disaster of 1937. While there, Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus each have to draw on expertise to save the present and protect the past – possibly at great personal cost.

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