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The Weekenders is a Disney animated series about the weekend life of four diverse 7th graders: Tino Tonitini, Lorraine McQuarrie, Carver Descartes, and Petratishkovna Katsufrakis, voiced by veteran cartoon voice-actors: Jason Marsden, Grey DeLisle, Phil LaMarr, and Kath Soucie, respectively. It is stated at least once that the four main characters are each twelve years old. The setting is the fictional town of Bahia Bay, California. The show was created by Doug Langdale, later creator of Disney Channel's Dave the Barbarian.


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Watch The Weekenders season 4 episode 5 (S04E05)

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Tino's Dad is coming to spend the weekend, though to Tino's dismay, his father is planning the trip through visiting some of his old friends, since he doesn't think he's enough to keep Tino interested by himself. Meanwhile, Lor, Carver and Tish are trying to get enough money to go so a comedian's show. Will Tino be able to enjoy his time with his father and will the rest of the group be able to go see the show, or will all of their plans end in failure?

Watch The Weekenders season 4 episode 4 (S04E04)

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:Laundry Day: It's laundry day at the MacQuarrie household, and it's Lor's turn to do the laundry. However, since her family is so large it would take her an entire weekend in order to get the laundry done. She tries to formulate a plan in order to do the job without waisting her weekend, but will she be able to get her plan to work? Penny McQuarrie: Lor's brother Kirk goes out with Carver's sister Penny, and Lor and Carver are having problems dealing with it. Will Carver and Lor be able to resolve the problem in a manner that doesn't ruin their sibling's weekend, or will they even handle the crisis in an appropriate manner?

Watch The Weekenders season 4 episode 3 (S04E03)

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Radio Free Carver: After being placed at the kids table Tish wants to be considered more mature and wants to change the rest of the gang as well. Dinner Party: Carver is picked to be a DJ for the schools Radio station but doesn't prepare any music and blows it and so refuses to try it again.

Watch The Weekenders season 4 episode 2 (S04E02)

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Brain Dead: After Tish gets a B on her test, many people begin to think she isn't as smart as they once made her out to be. After she continuously gets pestered, she eventually gets choosen a new personality since her prior personality of being smart was in doubt. Will Tish be able to live with her new persona or will she find a method to just keep being her old self? Lor's Will: Lor fractures her kneecap after playing basketball and she needs to get laser surgery for it come Sunday. She goes totally paranoid about the surgery, describing it as a kind of death sentence! Therefore, she writes a will bequeathing all her items to her loved ones, but is she just over exaggerating the scenario, and did she even write her will in a manner that will make her loved ones happy?

Watch The Weekenders season 4 episode 1 (S04E01)

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It's Halloween and Tino is very excited, as he has a great plan to get as much candy as possible. However, his friends have decided not to go trick or treating this year, so Tino decides to try to force them to go with him. Will Tino be able to get his friends to go Trick or treating with him, or will Tino ruin both his plan and his reputation trying?

Watch The Weekenders season 3 episode 25 (S03E25)

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The Christmas season approaches, but the gang each celebrate different holidays; Lor celebrates Christmas, Tino celebrates Solstice, Tish celebrates Hanukkah, and Carver celebrates Kwanzaa.

Watch The Weekenders season 3 episode 13 (S03E13)

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Croquembouch: The gang bakes a french cake that they are entering in a contest to win free passes to every museum in the city. Tino thinks that since he was the spokesperson (spokesmen) last year for the food contest he should be it agian. However Tish, Carver and Lor want to vote for the spokesperson this year. When they vote Carver wins and Tino gets very jealous. Tino thinks that his friends are agianst him and spends all weekend mad. Until the day of the contest, Dixon (Tino's mom's boy friend) convinces Tino that they really aren't against him. Tino then shows up for the contests and cheers Carver on. Imperfection: When the gang gets their report cards one of Tish's teacher says she is to much of a perfectionist and misses the bigger picture. So Tish is all mad that perfection is the only thing stopping her from being truly perfect. Tish decides she will spend the entire weekend being the best imperfctionist. The guys have to complete a statue of a historical guy out of kelp for the kelp auction on Sunday. Tish is to busy trying to be truly inperfect that she doesn't help the guys construct the kelp statue. So, Tino's mom convinces her that she shouldn't be imperfect because it just as bad as being a perfectionist. So Tish decides to paint the staute. Tish thinks that a different kind of kelp would be better so she reconstucts the staute but it looks exactly the same as the other statues. The next day they enter the statue and after the auction someone buys the statue.

Watch The Weekenders season 3 episode 12 (S03E12)

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Clown: Tino attends a clown school so as to conquer his fear of clowns, though will he be able to overcome the fear that has plagued him since childhood? Testing Dixon: At the beginning of the weekend, Tino's mom decides to marry her boyfriend, Dixon. When Tino hears of this, he tells Lor, Carver and Tish about the news. Soon, they devise an idea by testing Dixon to see if he is the perfect father for Tino, but will they be successful in their attempts?

Watch The Weekenders season 3 episode 11 (S03E11)

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Tish stars in an episode of Teen Canyon and becomes a celebrity, so Carver tries to teach her how to behave like one, but she soon starts to act rude and superior.

Watch The Weekenders season 3 episode 9 (S03E09)

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The Tao of Bluke: Tino, Lor, Carver and Tish decide that they want to win a treasure hunt so that they can win a pool table, and they are farily certain that they can win until they find out that they must have a fifth team mate, and Bluke is stuck to go with them. While the team believes Bluke will cause them to loose and they disregard his opinions, they realize the treasure hunt is harder than they thought it would be. They believe they have no chance to win, but they underestimated the one person who they considered incapable of helping them, and it's up to Bluke to save the weekend and help them get their prize. An Experimental Weekend: Tish cons the others into spending the weekend helping her do science experiments so she can win first prize in an essay contest. Tish uses a friendship scoreboard, showing all the favours she's ever done for them, to convince them they should help her. They do a couple of experiments with her but then decide they've had enough. They make up their own friendship scoreboard showing that Lor only owes Tish 2 favours, Tish owes Tino 4 favours, and Craver owes them all about 150 favours. Tino claims his 3 of his 4 favours so he Lor and Carver can spend the rest of the weekend playing pool. Tish gets annoyed at them for ditching her, until she realises that friends do favours for each other because they want to, not because they own them and if is she had of just asked them nicely in the first place, instead of using a favour scoreboard, they probably would've helped her.

Watch The Weekenders season 3 episode 8 (S03E08)

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Careers: The group takes an aptitude test to see what careers they will be most suited for when they grow up, but they are surprised by their results. Will Tino, Carver, Tish and Lor be confident with the results of their test, or will there be more consequences due to the results than anyone has realized? Tutor: Thomson becomes Lor's tutor, and she tries to impress him by being romantic, but will she be able to execute her plan considering she knows next to nothing about romance?

Watch The Weekenders season 3 episode 7 (S03E07)

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Father's Day: It's Father's Day, though Tino always gets depressed on this day because he doesn't get to see his father that often. Carver, Lor and Tish agree to not tell Tino what they are doing for Father's Day because they don't want to make their friend unhappy, but will lying to their friend make anything better? Follow the Leader: The gang is having trouble trying to figure out what to do as they all have different ideas as to how to spend the weekend. The only way they know how to solve their problems is to have someone think for the whole team, so they hold an event to see who will be the leader of the group, in which Lor wins. Will their plan to have Lor make all the decisions for the group work out well, or will they find that the freedom of choice is a valuable asset?

Watch The Weekenders season 3 episode 6 (S03E06)

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Best: The school yearbooks are voting on the students with the best or most ability to do something. While the other friends seem to have something they are good at, Tino doesn't fit any of the categories and he's afraid that he won't win a title in the yearbook. Will Tino be capable of proving he's the best at something, or is he truthfully just not good at anything? Broken: Tino is excited about a parade that is going to occur that gives out badges to people. He decides to try to get one for having a great non motorized vehicle and his mom and her boyfriend helps him by getting him a brand new scooter. However, Carver carelessly breaks Tino's scooter when he tries to do some tricks with it, and even though he promised to get it fixed for Tino before the parade, he forgets and just decides to buy himself something for the parade. Will Tino's faith that Carver will remember his promise come through or will Carver forget in his own glory and leave Tino to sit out in the parade?

Watch The Weekenders season 3 episode 5 (S03E05)

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The Most Dangerous Weekend: Tino misunderstands what a nurse tells him and is convinced that the world is too dangerous to live in. He attempts to follow every safety precaution possible, but will someone be able to convince him to stop his foolishness? Charity Case: Tish convinces the others they should try and help BeeBee, a girl at school who has no friends. However, BeeBee isn't exactly a kind individual and the Tino, Carver and Lor want to get rid of her but Tish objects. Will they be able to enjoy their weekend despite BeeBee's presence?

Watch The Weekenders season 3 episode 4 (S03E04)

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Secret Admirer: Carver finds a note in his locker from a secret admirer. The others try and help him figure out who it is, but get annoyed when Carver insists that his admirer has to be one of the cute girls. His admirer turns out to be Nona, a girl who is very tall. Carver doesn't like her because of her height, but will he be capable of overcoming his shallow nature before his chance with Nona comes to an end? The Lone Wolves Club: Tino, Lor, Carver and Tish are excited when they find out the towns coolest club, the Lone Wolves, are accepting a new member. That night, Tino is visited by a couple of the clubs members who tell him he must do everything they say in order to become a member. Will Tino be capable of getting into the club or will he find that there are more important things than a silly club?

Watch The Weekenders season 3 episode 3 (S03E03)

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Listen Up: Carver tries to learn listening skills after getting kicked out of Mrs. Duong's Preteen Pals, though will he be able to improve his skills by the time the weekend ends? Never Say Diorama: For this weekend Tish, Tino, Lor and Carver have to design Dioramas for school, but Lor and Carver keep slacking off. Tino and Tish finish their diorama right away so they can hangout for the rest of the weekend, but Lor and Carver haven't even started, but will Tish and Tino be able to find a way for them to get their projects done on time?

Watch The Weekenders season 3 episode 2 (S03E02)

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Cry: After Tino cries at a movie in school, he decides to no longer have emotions. Will he be capable of doing such a grandiose task or will he find that emotions are something that everyone needs? The Perfect Son: When Tino starts staying over at Carver's house, Carver gets the suspicion that his Dad likes Tino more and pictures Tino as a "model son".

Watch The Weekenders season 3 episode 1 (S03E01)

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Crushin' Roulette: Tish is upset because everyone else has a crush except her, so she decides the others should survey people around the town and decide who she should have a crush on. Lucky Shoes: Carver, convinced he can win a race as long as he is running in his lucky shoes, bets that if he loses, the others will be his opponent's slaves. Unfortunately, his "lucky shoes" get destroyed and the others don't want to tell him in case he loses his confidence, but will their deceit pay off and help Carver out?

Watch The Weekenders season 1 episode 8 (S01E08)

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Dead Ringer: Every year each student in Bahia Bay has to compete in a sport at the Bahia Bay Park for a picnic. Everyone is excited except for Tino, becuase Tino usually signs up for Chess, but this year chess wasn't avaibale. So, Tino and the rest of the gang try and find a sport that Tino's good at. Will they manage to find a sport that Tino will be able to participate in without humiliating himself, or will they run out of time forcing Tino to miss out on the event entirely? Carver the Terrible: During a game of soccer, Carver accidentally trips one of the toughest people at his school. However, all the others who saw it occur begin to respect him out of fear due to their belief that he tripped the bully on purpose. Carver's friends know that he didn't do it, but will they manage to convince Carver to tell the truth before he pays a heavy price for his lies, or will Carver continue to exploit the situation to his advantage, despite knowing that it's wrong?

Watch The Weekenders season 1 episode 7 (S01E07)

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Party Planning: A big party is coming up that is going to be the first boy/girl party that the friends have ever attended. Tino and Carver ask Lor and Tish for help, but in the end will they even know how to react? As the day of the party grows near, they all plan to be fully prepared, but will they be able to associate with the opposite gender at the party without messing things up? Pudding Ball: The kids compete against each other in a pudding ball tournament. Tino and Tish team up against Carver and Lor, but will they be able to enjoy themselves despite the fierce competition?

Watch The Weekenders season 1 episode 6 (S01E06)

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Makeover: Lor has had feelings for Thompson for quite some time, though she’s nervous about the way she looks and she believes that Thompson won’t find her attractive. She decides to let Christie and Candie give her a makeover, though will Thompson like her new look, despite the fact that she didn’t even know how he felt about her old look? The New Girl: Tish's mom hangs out with the kids to be more American which makes Tish uncomfortable while her friends believe their weekend won't be enjoyable due to Tish's mom, but will the weekend turn out to be something they didn't expect?

Watch The Weekenders season 1 episode 5 (S01E05)

Watch Now

Sitters: The kids help Carver baby-sit his brother Todd, but they also do not want to ruin their weekend. They decide to take turns baby-sitting Todd in order to permit everyone to have some free time during the weekend, but will they be able to handle this terrible toddler, or will their weekend be ruined? Band: When Carver lies in order to try to be more popular, the gang finds themselves facing impossible odds because they must convince their favorite band, Chum Bukkit, to dedicate a song to them at their next concert.

Watch The Weekenders season 1 episode 4 (S01E04)

Watch Now

[email protected]: Tino tries to tutor a hopeless Lor for a history test that she absolutely has to pass. However, the other friends are caught between attending an event or helping their friend. Will they choose to help Lor pass the Civil War test or will they ignore their friendship and go to the event despite Lor's desperate situation? To Be or Not to Be: Tish is very excited because she has recently managed to get a role in a very good play, though her role is somewhat humiliating and her friends merely laugh at her. She decides to disregard her friends for the weekend and associate herself with her adult colleagues on the set of the play. Will Tino, Carver and Lor manage to find a way to make up for their behavior before it’s too late?

Watch The Weekenders season 1 episode 3 (S01E03)

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The Perfect Weekend: Tino has the perfect weekend planned out, but the others disagree with his plan. His friends are pivotal for his plan to work, but will he be able to convince them to go along with his idea? Throwing Carver: Carver can't bring himself to tell Tish her sculpture of him is terrible because he doesn't want to offend his friend, but he doesn't want the sculpture to be used either. Will he be able to find a method of informing Tish without hurting her feelings?

Watch The Weekenders season 1 episode 2 (S01E02)

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Shoes of Destiny: Carver has always wanted to be popular, though despite his best attempts, he could never manage to be noticed. The gang decides to help Carver study Brie and Colby, two of the popular kids, in order to help Carver be more like them, in hopes that it will improve his chances of becoming popular. Sense and Sensitivity: Having made her friends angry at her for the last time, Lor vows to be sensitive for their every need. However, will her friends, family and even herself like the new her?

Watch The Weekenders season 1 episode 1 (S01E01)

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Crush Test Dummies: Lor needs Carver's advice on clothes when she develops a crush on Thompson Oberman, but when Carven mistakes "I need Carver. I have to make him love me" for her having a crush on him, Carver and Tino avoid Tish and Lor at all costs. Grow Up: After playing on a Jumping Jamboree, Tino is the laughing stock of his mom's Vernal Equinox party. So he decides to act more adult, by starting his own internet company, and wearing suits.

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