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In this world power isn't everything, it's the only thing. Best selling author of Mario 'The Godfather' Puzo's blockbuster new novel comes to life in this epic saga of America's most powerful crime family.


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A vengeful murder and a corrupt cop figure into Dante's scheme to devastate Cross (Jason Gedrick) and โ€œlead the [Clericuzio] family back to its glory.โ€

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Cross becomes enamored with Hollywood starlet Athena Aquitane while becoming involved in the Las Vegas side of the family business. As a result a wedge is driven even further between Dante and Cross due to Dante's jealousy of Athena and the Don's approval. Dante attempts to ruin his cousin Cross' life. The Clericuzio family is torn apart at its seams and a corrupt cop, old family secrets, betrayers to the family and some truths come to light.

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Domenico's daughter Rose Marie marries the son of the head of the Santadio family fueling the crime families feud. Domenico Clericuzio, the family Patriarch exacts revenge on the Santadio family by ordering the execution of the entire Santadio family, including his new son-in-law on Rose Marie Clericuzio's wedding night. After her brief wedding night, Rose Marie is filled with grief and learns she is pregnant. She gives birth to her son Dante and as he grows, he is instilled with an evident hatred for his grandfather. In turn, the family becomes increasingly aware of his taste for blood.

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