Last Aired S05E04 on Feb 21, 2017
Switched at Birth
Season 5
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Jan 31, 2017
43 Min

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Watch Switched at Birth season 5 episode 5 (S05E05)

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With tensions running at an all-time high, the Black Student Union takes a stand against the university administration until their demands are heard. Told in three chapters from the varying perspectives of Sharee, Iris and Chris, the students deal with their frustrations in different ways. Iris pledges to continue her hunger strike until the students responsible for a racist display outside the Black Student Union are expelled, but her commitment has consequences on her health. Sharee faces the pain of her own past as she tries to gather signatures and rally more students to get involved. Chris is torn between wanting to dazzle several baseball scouts at an upcoming game and standing with his fellow students to show solidarity.

Watch Switched at Birth season 5 episode 4 (S05E04)

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Daphne and Sharee are horrified to stumble upon a racist display at the Black Student Union on campus. When the perpetrators are given minimal punishment, Iris starts a hunger strike in protest. Daphne receives an anonymous threat and Sharee grows frustrated with how the school is handling the situation. Emmett invites Bay to help him with an art project, causing friction with Travis who’s already upset that John seems ready to replace him on the baseball team.

Watch Switched at Birth season 5 episode 3 (S05E03)

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Returning from London for a visit, Toby and Lily reveal their plans to get married in the Kennish backyard. But a fight before the wedding may tear them apart before they can say “I do.” Regina must decide whether to reveal her relationship with Luca to the family. When she least expects it, Bay runs into Tank again.

Watch Switched at Birth season 5 episode 2 (S05E02)

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After a photo of Daphne and Mingo dressed up as their favorite singers at a college costume party goes viral, the pair find themselves caught up in a controversy that escalates into a discussion of race relations and free speech. Bay seeks a job at the tattoo parlor in town. Kathryn and John court a new shortstop for the UMKC baseball team, while Regina and Luca work on a class project together.

Watch Switched at Birth season 5 episode 1 (S05E01)

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Daphne and Bay are so enthralled with China that they stay longer than anticipated, but after 10 months, they get an emergency call and drop everything to return home. Once there, Daphne tries to integrate herself back into campus life but finds that things have changed without her. Bay is mixed up about her feelings towards Emmett who is struggling with his own problems. Meanwhile, Kathryn and John quarrel over her job and Regina feels guilty about a secret tryst.

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