Last Aired S03E08 on Nov 27, 2016
Madam Secretary
Season 3
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Oct 02, 2016
45 Min

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  1. 8 Watch Madam Secretary S03E08 online - Breakout Capacity
    Available Aired on Nov 27, 2016
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    Available Aired on Nov 20, 2016
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    Available Aired on Nov 13, 2016
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    Available Aired on Nov 06, 2016
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    Available Aired on Oct 30, 2016
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    Available Aired on Oct 23, 2016
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    Available Aired on Oct 16, 2016
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    Not Available Aired on Oct 02, 2016

Watch Madam Secretary season 3 episode 8 (S03E08)

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As President Dalton eagerly awaits voting results on Election Day, Elizabeth uncovers information that could put the U.S.’s peace deal with Iran in jeopardy.

Watch Madam Secretary season 3 episode 7 (S03E07)

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After Venezuela’s president andhis immediate successors are killed in a devastating earthquake, Elizabeth works to stop a power grab by the late president’s son, as well as secure the release of the international aid team he arrested.

Watch Madam Secretary season 3 episode 6 (S03E06)

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When Elizabeth discovers that a terrorist bombing at an Illinois coffee shop was funded by someone with close ties to the Saudi government, she makes a bold move after the Saudi ambassador refuses to bring the man to justice. Also, Matt refuses to issue a statement when news breaks that he and the bomber are linked to the same mosque, and Henry reaches out to Dmitri when he hears he’s having trouble adjusting to his new life in Phoenix.

Watch Madam Secretary season 3 episode 5 (S03E05)

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When an imminent U.S.-France state dinner is jeopardized after a CIA operative is captured by French intelligence, Elizabeth must negotiate the operative’s release while keeping the event on track. Also, Russell tries to woo back big donors to Dalton’s campaign, and the McCords get an important lead in their family’s stalking case.

Watch Madam Secretary season 3 episode 4 (S03E04)

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After a bombing at a political rally in Angola, Elizabeth must find a way to respond to a “dissent memo” from the Bureau of African Affairs when they criticize the Dalton Administration’s lack of attention to the upcoming Angolan election. Also, Russell enlists Elizabeth’s help to get President Dalton on the ballot in Ohio, and Henry and Jose get closer to locating the antiquities stolen by Hizb al-Shahid.

Watch Madam Secretary season 3 episode 3 (S03E03)

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After U.S. environmental activists protesting China’s damage of a South China Sea reef are arrested for spying, Elizabeth finds herself in a stalemate with the Chinese foreign minister as she lobbies for their release. Also, Henry pushes the FBI to investigate one of Elizabeth’s former students who he suspects is his family’s cyber-stalker, and President Dalton’s trade visit to Vietnam brings back memories of serving there during the war.

Watch Madam Secretary season 3 episode 2 (S03E02)

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With Algeria on the brink of a civil war, Elizabeth delicately negotiates a regime change, but her plans go awry when Roy Curtis, the trusted U.S. Ambassador to Algeria, dies unexpectedly. Also, Henry fights to save religious antiquities in Algeria when he discovers they are being destroyed by Hizb al-Shahid, and the McCord children get their own security detail after Jason’s computer is hacked.

Watch Madam Secretary season 3 episode 1 (S03E01)

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When a storm destroys a naval base in Bahrain, Elizabeth urges President Dalton to reexamine his approach to climate change and his overall foreign policy, something that could jeopardize his re-election campaign. Also, Jose Campos tries to bring Henry back into the DIA fold, and the McCords worry that their family is being stalked when they discover Jason’s laptop may have been hacked.

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