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Locked Up
Season 2
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Mar 31, 2016
75 Min

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Zulema has launched a new plan has achieved an important contact out of jail and now only needs a confidence dam is designated to replace Tere as Sentinel. And the only prey that meets all conditions can not be other than Macarena. Sole, meanwhile, left his successful heart transplant operation, but that was a small victory. The recovery process is slow and delicate and now have to get used to her new life, her new sensations and new feelings. Curls and Macarena are not going through a good moment in their relationship. Macarena tries to forget doubts whether Rizos tricked her had just stuck in the drain and thus not legally free to leave. Curls, meanwhile, has not told him what he did Valbuena and try to get over herself. Saray still in love with Curls and will do anything to back together. Finally, Leopoldo made his wife and son escaped and went to confess to death Castillo 'The Egyptian'. You bear the guilt of having killed, but he did always defending himself.

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Cruz del Sur strong measures against drug dealing begin to have consequences for prey. Meanwhile, fellow Macarena have prepared a surprise gift for her for her birthday. Anabel is set at Bambi; the rookie does not expect anything good. Curls, meanwhile, tired of humiliating treatment to which he has subjected Valbuena has made a decision. Macarena is visited by his father. He confesses that he killed the Egyptian, to her surprise, never expected something like your family. Karim told to go after them, they have to flee ... Leopoldo tells him he has come for them and who killed fellow Castillo. The inspector, overwhelmed by the case, is questioned by his superiors. Zulema and Macarena have to testify before the judge for his escape death at the hands of Zulema Cásper and death of the companion leakage hands Macarena. Depend on each other, They may exculpate each other or extend their stay in prison for many more years. ¿Will lie or tell the truth? Macarena trust the promise he made Fabio.

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The fugal prey return to Southern Cross. But there things have changed with the arrival of a new Housekeeper, the appointment of sentries and Valbuena very grown up with his new responsibility, conditions are much worse for prey. And they know that Macarena, Saray and Zulema are to blame for this to happen. Fabio also rejoins after low, with no intention of making peace with Sandoval, which has important news for everyone. In addition, a new dam reaches the prison, young, innocent and inexperienced, all call her Bambi. Macarena reunites with Rizos, with the question of whether she was to blame for Zulema forced her to elope, staining the way at the last moment before going to see the judge. But Rizos has head elsewhere: Valbuena raped and humiliated and she did not want to tell anyone. Zulema knows that Karim, a dangerous international criminal, seeking revenge for the death of his nephew, the Egyptian. She is in the spotlight, like Ferreiro family. In addition, Zulema will not allow Macarena live without suffering the consequences of having facilitated the stop. Maca while trust the covenant he made with Fabio to show that, if she killed that prey in flight, was self-defense.

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Macarena can not believe what happened: had one foot out of jail ... but Zulema found at the worst time and forced her to miss his appointment with the judge, finding himself involved in the leak that the Arab took months preparing. And yes, Macarena is out of jail, but as a fugitive from justice and without Zulema and Saray will remove an eye on. It is more trapped than ever. Only you have two options: join the plan or try to escape. Zulema has a plan to exit the radar Police quickly with the help has purchased incognito clothing, documentation, transportation ... now only hope that everything goes well. A new life opens before her: out of jail, with money ... and beside the Egyptian, who was killed by Leopoldo Ferrán and Ferreiro after she told them how to find him. While Castillo and police set a device to find them in Southern Cross the situation is very complicated for Miranda, Director. Pressures and reproaches her for being too soft with the dams are tremendous; things will have to change in prison. To begin with, appoint a new head of security, relentless and with new ideas to deal with the prey. Meanwhile, the family Ferreiro not understand why Macarena has missed an appointment with the judge makes no sense. But that's not his only problem: Roman not stand the pressure and confesses: He tells his mother who Leopoldo and he killed the Egyptian. And so something, far from being the solution to your problems, just be the trigger for many others.

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