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In the Flesh is a three-part BBC supernatural drama series which began airing on BBC Three on 17 March 2013. The show was created and written by Dominic Mitchell. It is set after "The Rising", this show's take on a zombie apocalypse, and focuses on re-animated teenager Kieren Walker as he comes back into the local community. A second, extended series of the show has been commissioned, to be broadcast in 2014. As yet, it is unknown how many episodes the new series will comprise, but it is believed it will be five or six.

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  1. 6 Watch In the Flesh S02E06 online - Episode 6
    Not Available Aired on Jun 08, 2014
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    Not Available Aired on Jun 01, 2014
  3. 4
    Not Available Aired on May 25, 2014
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    Not Available Aired on May 18, 2014
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    Not Available Aired on May 04, 2014
  1. 3
    Available Aired on Mar 31, 2013
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    Available Aired on Mar 24, 2013
  3. 1
    Available Aired on Mar 17, 2013

Watch In the Flesh season 2 episode 6 (S02E06)

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Simon believes he is the key to the second rising; Gary thinks Kieren is planning an attack on the town.

Watch In the Flesh season 2 episode 5 (S02E05)

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Kieren is wrongly accused of freeing the rabids at the GP surgery, and faces the Parish council.

Watch In the Flesh season 2 episode 4 (S02E04)

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Kieren is conflicted about seeing Simon behind Amy's back and frustrated by his cult leader persona around the adoring Undead of Roarton. However, Simon proves how much he cares by stepping into Kieren's world and having Sunday lunch at the Walkers'. Unfortunately, Amy witnesses the loved-up pair en route to Kieren's house and is crushed by their betrayal. After a positive start, the Sunday lunch descends into chaos. A tipsy and trouble-making Jem and Gary descend on the meal, provoking Kieren into a confession which sends shockwaves around the family - and astounds Simon. Philip can't reconcile himself with Maxine's questionable politics and the two go head to head. Seeing Philip as a thorn in her side, Maxine orchestrates his downfall and is delighted when his Undead perversion is publicly revealed. Philip's political aspirations come tumbling down around him, but a silver lining is provided by an unexpected romantic encounter.

Watch In the Flesh season 2 episode 3 (S02E03)

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Fate throws Kieren and Simon together on the 'Give Back' scheme, this time at the doctor's surgery. Simon reassures Kieren that he's not leading Amy on, but the pair come to blows when Kieren thwarts his plan to free two caged rabids. We also get to know PDS Sufferer Freddie Preston. Freddie returned from the grave to find his childhood sweetheart Haley shacked up in their marital home with her new boyfriend Amir. Haley and Amir are allowing Freddie to stay in the spare room until he's back on his feet. This is not ideal, as Freddie struggles with the notion of 'till death do us part' and is determined to win back the woman he loves. When Kieren is thrust into the aftermath of Freddie's plan, he sees Simon's views in a different light. Even though he hates the thought of hurting Amy, he can't help but follow his heart.

Watch In the Flesh season 2 episode 1 (S02E01)

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Kieren is thrilled by Amy’s return but troubled by two provocative strangers in Roarton.

Watch In the Flesh season 1 episode 3 (S01E03)

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After visiting a supermarket where he once hunted with Amy, Kieren remembers that Jem once spared his life. Together, brother and sister confront their pasts.

Watch In the Flesh season 1 episode 2 (S01E02)

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Feeling trapped at home, Kieren escapes to his grave where he's reunited with his old hunting partner Amy, who persuades him to take a dangerous day trip.

Watch In the Flesh season 1 episode 1 (S01E01)

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Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer Kieren Walker returns home but doesn't receive a warm welcome from his sister. The zombie-hating Human Volunteer Force are ready to take action against any PDS sufferer reintegrated on their patch.

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